What Are The Best 2 Nitro RC Cars On The Market?

RC cars are normally powered by an electric motor or a fuel powered engine. A nitro RC car is a specially designed car that is non-electric and employs the use of glow engines that is powered by a methanol based fuel. Nitromethane is contained in this fuel and that is why it’s called “nitro”.

Therefore, nitro RC cars are a special kind of model that are above the rest and should be taken very seriously. They are really expensive, take time to be made, and also need a lot of effort in maintaining them.

However, all these responsibilities are worth it because a nitro RC car is one of the best RC cars that you will have. They have very high speeds, are durable, and certainly energy efficient compared to the other types of RC cars. Therefore, if you are interested in this type of car, the following are the best nitro RC cars on the market;

Traxxas XO AWD Supercar

This car is luxurious and beautiful at the same time and very few people have it. It has the largest custom brushless motor ever offered. This magnificent car can pick from 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. That is quite extra ordinary and fast for an RC car. It is also important to note that, not just anyone has the capability to control such a car at that high speeds. Therefore, it requires experience and the necessary knowledge rcstate.com info.

Pros of the Traxxas XO AWD Supercar.

We already know that this is the fastest nitro car that is available at the moment, but what else does it offer apart from speed? The car has some of these great features;

  • Tires that are speed rated and specifically made for high-speed use.
  • Traxxas Stability management system that allows cornering at high acceleration while maintaining control.
  • It is highly customizable which allows one to get more than they ever expected from this amazing car.
  • It has an awesome design that makes it to rank as among the most stylish cars to be made.
  • It also has an optional Traxxas Link App that is easily available on Android and iOS. This helps with precision turning hence pushing your car to the limit.

These are just but a few of the advantages, there are so many more other features that make it a special car.


Just like you imagined, there can never be so many mistakes with such a supercar. The biggest complain that you might find is actually finding anyone who is not easily blown away by this magnificent car.

However, there is nothing that is too perfect. There are few people who have complained about the battery not lasting for too long.

You can however solve this issue. In case you are using 5000 3s batteries the most you can get is 15 minutes. To beat this, you simply switch to 8400 batteries and you can double that time.

Redcat Racing Earthquake Nitro Semi Truck

In case you are looking for a car with cool points, then this is the right fit for you. With its 4×4 front and rear sealed differential and big bore shocks. This car allows you to do so much more. You can imagine the dismay on your competitors face when you enter this monster in a race.

It has a 3.5cc .21 SH Big Block Engine which quickly leaves competition in the dust peaking at speeds of 50+ mph.

Pros of the Redcat Racing Earthquake Nitro Semi Truck

  • Great value for its price
  • Amazing black on black look that makes this truck intimidating
  • It is just right for beginners as well as experts.
  • It has 3.5cc .21 SH big block engine. This is responsible for its fast acceleration.
  • It has excellent stopping power that is caused by its excellent composite disk brakes.


  • There are some parts that tend to break easily if not taken care of.
  • The engine brake procedures can be a little complicated.

These two cars are the most recommended for lovers of nitro RC cars. They will provide the rider with the speed, power, beauty, elegance, style and much more.